Privacy Policy

  About this Policy

This policy describes the methods we use to collect and manage your information on the website, mobile application and all our other services. We will review this policy from time to time to check for making sure the content in current. If we make any changes, we will show the latest version here. When we have a important change, we will let you know next time. You use our service or through other communication channels.

How to use your personal information

            We will use your information only if you give consent with us it necessary to provide the service you requested. In case that it is necessary to carry out or comply with the rights or legal obligations or for normal business purposes in the manner specified in this policy which those who use our services will be collected, store and process data. But we will not collect information more than we need to use.

Howe to collect data information

            We wall keep your information for as long as necessary or to compel with legal reasons only. Then we will delete or change to a format that cannot identify you. We will proceed with information differently according to usage but you can ask us to delete your personal information at any time.

How long we store personal information

We will only disclose your information when you ask us to take action. When it is an important part of doing business with you and provides service to you or when we need to follow the law.

Disclosure of your personal information

            We secure your personal information because taking care of your privacy is a standard in maintaining your privacy that we value. In addition, very time we develop or improve our services with methods related to collecting or using new personal information. We will conduct a personal impact assessment to understand and reduce the tendency to affect you without the intention.

Security of your personal information

            Your personal information will be stored securely in the data center with appropriate security measures. In processing the information as specified in the contract.

The location where we store your information

            You will find a variety of ads while using our services and may see other platforms. These ads may come from us or third parties and may be customized to be more relevant to you. The Information used to customized the ads you see may contain your details about what you find or general location information but will not have your name, details, contact or other information that may be used to identify you. If you want to manage your data usage methods for advertising purposes you can find more details in our Cookie Policy.

Using your information for advertising

            We use cookies and similar technologies to deliver, customized, adjusted to suit individuals and analyze our services for advertising purposes.