Terms and Conditions for ordering products

– When the customers have made an order if you would like to change the book or cancel the order have to notify within one day (1). If the book has already been shipped cannot change or cancel the order.

– The order will be completed when the customers have completed the information correct and complete payment. (If it is a money transfer, payment must be made)

– If there is an error, delay or temporarily unable to service caused by force majeure or beyond the control of the company. The client agrees not to raise such a problem as a claim for any damages from company and the customer must notify the company immediately which the company will try to resolve the problems that occur urgently.

– In case the product is damaged or caused by packaging customers must notify immediately. If the product is over 3 days from the date of receipt of the product, cannot be changed. If it is damaged or lost caused by transportation, the company will not be responsible for any damage caused.

– In case of requesting a refund the company will be glad to return the money only when customers are not received the product only. If the it is a product that does not include delivery such as activities or votes. When payment is made and want to cancel would like to notify the company within 24 hours If not informed within the specified time, will not to able to cancel this order. The company reserves the right to return money to you in any case

– In case of payment by money transfer, customers have to notify payment within 24 hours. If the customer does not notify the payment at the specified time, the company reserves the right to cancel the order.

– product prices and shipping charges do not include import taxes of the destination country.

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