KAZZYABAR : Sweet Season with Boss-Noeul (WEEK 4)

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Kazzya Bar X BossNoeul (WEEK 4)

Sweet Season with ‘Boss-Noeul’ 

Kazzya Bar (WEEK 4)


Participate in the lucky draw to be one of 30 lucky people to join the Exclusive Meet & Greet event. In addition to the activities, there are also limited card with digital signed from ‘Boss-Noeul’


📝 Rules to join

Just apply for a Kazzya Bar Membership and top up money. Get a special card.

Single Card = Boss photo 1 + Noeul photo 1

Couple Card = BossNoeul photo 2 


Top up 600 Baht

1 chance to win an entry to the Exclusive Meet & Greet event

– Special Card 1 Set = 2 Photos


Top up 1,200 Baht

3 chance to win an entry to the Exclusive Meet & Greet

– Special Card 2 Set = 4 Photos


Buy more, get more chances to win!


Accumulation of chance 

Every order to top up members will automatically get a chance to win a Meet & Greet without registration. After the end of the activity, there will be summary of all received via E-mail registered.


Top up details

It is necessary to fill in the ID Passport number to apply for Kazzya Bar Membership. Please check the accuracy before ordering. The system will take 1-3 business days to top-up.



As for the money in your membership, you can use it donate drinks to the children in the foundation in the name of Sweet Season with BossNoeul. Kazzya Bar will be representative to donate without the artists.


Delivery details

If it’s a once-time order you must pay for the shipping cost first. But If you buy more than 2 orders you can enter the coupon ‘BossNoeul’ to discount shipping costs and combine shipping with the first order. (This coupon can be used only for the Sweet Season with ‘Boss-Noeul’)

*All orders will be delivered after the event ends. Starting delivery on 6 October 2023 onwards*


Additional conditions

  1. The accumulated amount of participation in the event starts from 25 August – 1 October 2023
  2. Money in your membership can be used to buy drinks, snacks, or products in Kazzya Bar at any branch. No expiration date. 
  3. If you spend your credit member will still get points but can’t be used to spin the gachapon.
  4. List of lucky winners, 1 name per 1 prize only.
  5. Announcing the list of lucky winners on 6 October 2023.
  6. Exclusive Meet & Greet on 17 October 2023. Time and Location will be notified only for the 30 lucky fans
  7. This cannot be canceled or refunded.


Note : Don’t forget to enter your ID Passport number.

Please recheck that the information is complete.


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