SOCIAL BOX SET Kazz Collection x Bas Suradet


Kazz Collection x Bas Suradet
with a special project “Save my Best Friends”

Selling this product will bring some income to help four-legged friends at “Ban Oboum Dog Sanctuary”, Located at Uthai Thani. Its a center with an important objective in caring for stray dogs that are sick and injured.

You will get…

Special BOX SET

          – Get 5 pcs. of Random Photo Set [Totel 10 styles]
          – Get 2 pcs. of Random Polaroid [Totel 4 styles]
          – Get 1 pcs. of Random Special Photo [Totel 3 styles]
          – Get 2 pcs. of Brooches
          – Get 1 pcs. of Special Card
          – Get 1 pcs. of Sticker Set

*** For this order, you will not have a chance to win a Super Special Rare and a special Meet & Greet event with Bas Suradet.

Can order from now. Do not Miss! Limited Stock.

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